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Prime Quality® Horse

The nutrient requirements of horses change as they enter different stages, mature, or simply move into different levels of performance. The adult horse under intense workload has a much greater requirement than the same horse at maintenance. The growing performance horse faces unique challenges concerning its nutritional needs. This horse must receive a feed that will be utilized for continued development, provide necessary maintenance and contain enough energy for work.

Prime Quality Feeds provides three lines of premium horse feeds that give incredible flexibility and nutritional benefits for today's performance horse.

  MEGA BITE® Performance Feeds
  GOLD RUSH® All-Grain
  Specialty Products
  Economy Feeds

  Showmaster Sheen

  Empower Balance
  Empower Boost

Triple Crown
  TRIPLE CROWN® 14 Performance
  TRIPLE CROWN® 30 Supplement
  TRIPLE CROWN® 14 Complete
  TRIPLE CROWN® Low Starch


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